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Data archiving

Integrations to connect systems, data and people

We help organizations meet their business challenges by optimizing their processes:

  • Integrations with Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo, in the cloud and on premise
  • Data migrations with Oracle HCM, PeopleSoft, EBS, Taleo
  • Partner plug ins with your preferred vendors for background checks, assessments, and more!
  • Connect Every Ware! Most advanced and easy to use HCM Integration as a Service (IaaS) platform
  • Data Warehouse and Final Extracts from Taleo in data files and PDFs
  • Tailored services such as Single Sign-On
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cloud connector services

Data archiving

Final export of data files and PDFs in the cloud

Cloud Connector services final extract

Mary reports that her company will be not be using Taleo anymore, so data needs to be exported and made available to HR resources and managers.

Over 500,000 candidates need to be exported along with 1,000 requisitions. Mary was told that a ‘data dump’ will be made available to her company after leaving Taleo.

Mary asks, “What does a ‘data dump’ mean and how will we have access to the candidate data afterwards?”

HR resources and manager won’t be able to view what is in that ‘data dump’ as the information is not readable nor usable as-is.

The Cloud Connectors can deliver data files and documents in PDF format instead of a ‘data dump’ so they can be imported into your content management system.

We can also deliver such data files and documents in the cloud for your organization to view this data in a secure environment.

Access to candidate, requisition and other data is critical to organizations who leave applicant tracking systems such as Taleo. Reasons include legal, compliance and reporting considerations as well as follow-up with candidates who applied on jobs.

While organizations can store Taleo data in a content management system, The Cloud Connectors offers a great alternative: storing Taleo data in the cloud with restricted and secure access to the organization’s authorized resources.

Key benefits are secure access to legacy data and documents, compliance, and information on candidate applications.